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Hamberger Flooring Located:Sevlievo,Bulgaria Total built area:10 000 sq.m. Investor:Hamberger Gmbh ...
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Located:Sevlievo,Bulgaria Total built area: 9 200 sq.m. Investor:Hamberger GmbH Germany Main contractor:Lucky ...
BS OHSAS 18001:2007 - Ohmi EuroCert GmbH
ISO 9001:2008 - Production of metal constructions, construction of residential, office and industrial buildings, infrastructure construction.

The existence of our own plant for metal structures, which play an essential part in the construction of industrial buildings, ensures the rapid and precise execution of industrial construction projects.
Over the years "Lucky stroj 2011"
. has built production sites with total area over 180 000 sq.m throughout the country.

We are equipped with specialized machinery required for this type of construction and we employ qualified specialists, ensuring compliance with deadlines and quality completion of the construction works.

Captain Diado Nichola factory is located in the northern industrial zone of the town of Gabrovo. It comprises of a production facility with total built up area of 5012 sq.m, and a 2755 sq.m warehouse, made of steel structures, sandwich panels and polished concrete floor coating. The administrative building is a monolithic 3-floor concrete structure, with total area of 1848 sq.m. Investor: KDN GmbH
The hall is with a built up area of 1851 sq. m. The construction is made of metal and the facade and the roof are made of thermo-panels. A covered corridor connects the production hall with the administrative building with a built up area of 214 sq. m. At the north facade of the hall a public building of 92 sq. m . is constructed. Investor: Ferrosteel Ltd.
Miroviane Village
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Today the new web site of our company has been launched. We aim at providing our clients and visitors of our website with complete and accurate information about our ...
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