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Hamberger Flooring Located:Sevlievo,Bulgaria Total built area:10 000 sq.m. Investor:Hamberger Gmbh ...
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Located:Sevlievo,Bulgaria Total built area: 9 200 sq.m. Investor:Hamberger GmbH Germany Main contractor:Lucky ...
BS OHSAS 18001:2007 - Ohmi EuroCert GmbH
ISO 9001:2008 - Production of metal constructions, construction of residential, office and industrial buildings, infrastructure construction.

Lux Invest Ltd. was established in 2002 in Gabrovo. The company’s main activity is construction and repair works of public, administrative, industrial and residential buildings, hotel complexes, sports grounds and facilities.
Since 2005 the company has had its own manufacturing facility near Gabrovo.
On an area of approximately 20 acres are located a manufacturing facility for metal constructions and metal products, scaffolding and fittings equipment, a facility for preparation of metal sheets, tin layers and construction profiles, as well as the warehouses and the company administrative building.

The production is enhanced by the use of new, high-performance machines that meet the safety standards and ensure the manufacturing of quality performance products. The certificates ISO 9001:2000 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certify that our products are of high quality.
In 2006 we started the production of movable containers of different types - in response to the individual needs of our clients and also as standard orders. This is part of the wide range of services provided by our company and we stay tuned to and are constantly aware of the changes in our clients’ needs and demands.
Today our company is among the leading companies in the construction industry in the country and we are the largest construction company in Gabrovo region. We employ more than 300 professionals.
Over the years, massive construction investment projects have been realized by our firm in response to the needs of many companies from different areas of business.

The following company names are just some of those that showed trust and believed us:

  • LIDL market Haskovo
  • LIDL market Sofia,Cherny vrah
  • LIDL market Sofia,Svoboda
  • LIDL market Sofia,Slivnitsa
  • BILLA market Shumen 2
  • BILLA market Sofia,Bakstone
  • BILLA market Sofia,Lavov most
  • Captain Diado Nikola AD-Gabrovo
  • Benchmark fund Real Estates –Sofia
  • Ideal Standard Bulgaria AD
  • Burgas Ceramics Ltd., Burgas
  • Mechatronics AD-Gabrovo
  • Milkieks Ltd-Sevlievo
  • Hrinad Ltd. Sevlievo
  • Ekoplod-BG Ltd. VelikoTarnovo Ferrosteel PLC-Sofia
  • Hiltzinger-polishing Technologies Ltd.- G.Oryahovitsa
  • Steel Design - Gabrovo
  • Correct- Bourgas
  • Municipality - Gabrovo

Along with providing construction services to our clients, Lucky stroj 2011 Ltd. realizes its own projects, primarily in residential construction and modernization of its production facilities.

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Today the new web site of our company has been launched. We aim at providing our clients and visitors of our website with complete and accurate information about our ...
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